Standing firm


About John

John McCravy III has lived in Greenwood for the past 40 years. After finishing at the University of South Carolina School of Law in 1985, John decided that Greenwood would be the best place to start raising a family. 

He did just that. John and Dana (his wife of 35 years) have two children, JR and Kelley, and two grandchildren, Ian and Ruth - all here in Greenwood. 

John has been a leader in the Greenwood community for many years now. In fact, he currently serves on the board for Greater Greenwood United Ministries and is an Elder at Calvary Chapel Greenwood. 

He has also been a successful small business owner for the past 20 years. In 1995 he started the McCravy, Newlon and Sturkie Law Firm which has grown to five locations across the upstate of South Carolina. 

It has been John's passion for some time to protect and serve those who need it most. Now, he wants to serve you in the SC State House.  

 John has been married to his wife, Dana, for 35 years.

John has been married to his wife, Dana, for 35 years.


On Taxes

While taxes for essential services are necessary, the unchecked growth of government through increased taxes has become the norm.  Once a new agency is formed, it always seems to grow into something other than what was originally intended.  I believe there is waste in our government, which transfers to a waste of the people’s hard earned tax money.  Somehow, taxes always seem to rise and never decrease.  We need to exhaust all options before raising any taxes or passing more laws that increase the size of government. 

On Conservative Values

After WWII, Mrs. Dorn (a resident of Greenwood County), addressed the SC Legislature.  She was being honored because her 6 sons had all served in the War.  She predicted that America would never be conquered by an outside enemy army.  She warned, however, that America’s greatest enemy would be the disintegration of the family.  We are now seeing this come to pass.  The family is the smallest unit of the community, but perhaps its most important element.  We must have laws that protect the family and encourage healthy families.  I believe a family begins with the marriage of one man and one woman. 

“I am running because we need to STAND FIRM for the values and heritage of the people of District 13. Our state's infrastructure is crumbling. Special interest and government agencies are clamoring for your money. We need to STAND FIRM for laws that protect SC.