Better Government

Honesty, Transparency, Accountability

Conservative Judges

In South Carolina, the legislature elects our judges. Activist judges hurt us when they go beyond their constitutional mandate and make their own laws. I have voted for and supported outstanding conservative judges like George “Buck” James, who was recently elected to the South Carolina Supreme Court.  


ethical Judicial Elections

I have called for ethical governance and the avoidance of conflicts of interest. For example, currently, incumbent judges are prohibited from contributing to the campaign of legislators who will vote in their races, but judicial candidates are not.  I proposed legislation to end this appearance of impropriety and make judicial races fairer.

FOIA reform

Citizens deserve to know how their taxes are spent.  I have consistently supported strengthening our Freedom of Information Act laws, including reform to make accessing public documents easier and faster.

economic developement

Officials break ground on the site of the future Teijin carbon fiber plant in Greenwood.   

Officials break ground on the site of the future Teijin carbon fiber plant in Greenwood.

Our state needs to stay economically competitive. In the two years I have been on the job, South Carolina has welcomed $6 billion in new business investments. I voted to maintain a strong Commerce Department and was pleased to welcome Teijin Ltd., a carbon fiber manufacturing company, to Greenwood, which will provide 220 jobs to Lakelands citizens at its new plant.

low taxes

Government must learn to do more with less.  High taxes are choking out small businesses in America, so we must hold state taxes to a bare minimum.  For example, while I am for solar energy, I voted against subsidizing it; it should stand on its own without taxing S.C. citizens.  

First Responders

I support our law enforcement officers, firefighters, corrections officers, EMS employees, and emergency room personnel.  They sacrifice their nights, weekends and holidays to serve us in dangerous conditions.  I recently finished honoring first responders in my district who have served us for 20 years or more



Our veterans fought for our freedom. We owe them our gratitude for their countless sacrifices. I support legislation to make their retirement free from state taxes as a small way to say thank you. 

utility rate reform

Consumers should not be forced to pay for the poor decisions of utility companies, especially when company executives pocket bonuses upwards of $20 million.  I voted to repeal the unconstitutional “Base Load Review Act” and to stop forcing ratepayers to fund a failed utility company. 

sanctuary cities

Compliance with and respect for the law give order to society.  When left-leaning mayors release convicted illegal aliens on bail, they thwart federal efforts to enforce the law.  I co-sponsored a bill that would ban sanctuary cities in our state and prevent this.